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HiFiBiO Therapeutics is a young, dynamic, high-growth company and we are looking for enthusiastic, innovative people who share our passion for changing the paradigm of antibody drug discovery. Come work with our experienced drug hunters. Our compensation packages include competitive salary, stock options, annual bonus, and health benefits.

We are actively recruiting top scientific talent.


Cambridge, MA


Paris, France


Shanghai, China


Hong Kong, China


Hangzhou, China

Company Values

We are an energetic and diverse team of drug hunters connected by a common vision to harness the power of the immune system to deliver breakthrough therapies to each and every patient.

HiFiBiO Employees seek to explore the unknown and challenge the status quo. Roadblocks and challenges only strengthen our conviction as we discover new and exciting opportunities to treat disease. Together, we overcome these challenges as we drive towards our shared vision in a diverse and inclusive environment.

Come Learn About the HiFiBiO Way

HiFiBiO offers a unique working experience. As Operations Manager of a multinational company, I interact with every aspect from reception all the way to the lab. It definitely gives off a big family type of vibe with small family interactions.

Vuong Tran

Operations Manager, US

Almost four years at HiFiBiO Therapeutics! One of the great things about working at HiFiBiO Therapeutics is that a “typical day” is a never typical, there is always something challenging happening and every day is filled with new learning opportunities both at the professional and personal level. I am grateful for all my colleagues and their contributions to my journey so far!

Ayrin Kök

Senior Scientist, Disease Biology, France

At HiFiBiO, I have had endless opportunities to develop my professional capabilities and challenge myself as a leader.

Vincent Tse

Director of Staff and Strategy, US

In fact, there are two important things that make me feel excited and comfortable working for HiFiBiO. One thing is that the company encourages all kinds of innovation and provides many opportunities. The other thing is that colleagues get along well with each other and are always willing to help.

Bingqing Shen

Director, Cell Science, China

HiFiBiO Employees in Action

It's been great for me to able to work in a hyper formative and very versatile environment, I learn new things every day!"

Emeline Estublier, France

I enjoy undertaking, on a daily basis, the challenge of the ever-evolving missions I am entrusted with! No two days are alike! The team is young and motivated and keeps me grounded in a very stimulating environment where teamwork is the key to success!"

Sandrine Demoulin, France

HiFiBiO has allowed me to learn and grow in such a short time! I am very appreciative of all the opportunities this company has given me thus far.”

Makayla Beckford, US