Sustainable Pipeline of Innovative Immunotherapies

We are developing next-generation immunotherapies that deliver unique insights into immunomodulation through single-cell technologies.

Our sustainable pipeline of immunomodulatory antibodies targets multiple cell types and key immuno-suppressive or inflammatory mechanisms for the treatment of cancer and autoimmune disease.


Multi-faceted approach for targeting key immunomodulatory cell types and pathways, with programs ranging from early discovery to CMC stages

Ultra-high throughput single-cell proprietary approaches for antibody and predictive biomarker discovery to accelerate clinical development

Fast-paced antibody engineering guided by machine learning technology results in activity-optimized drug designs

Pipeline programs are supported by novel biological insights from world-class collaborators in Immunology and Oncology


Discovery of Novel Targets Leading to a New Generation of Precision Immunotherapies

We take a multi-faceted approach to target the immune system, including key immunosuppressive cell types, suppressive and stimulatory pathways, and pleiotropic immune modulators, to shift the immune balance in cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Our target discovery approaches:

  • Profiling of patient samples using our Drug Intelligent Science (DIS™) single-cell capabilities
  • Collaborations with leading immunology and oncology key opinion leaders
  • Target deconvolution using patients’ antibody repertoires

Global Translational Clinical Network Enabling a Deeper Understanding of Disease Biology

We apply our unique worldwide translational capabilities to support our internal pipeline from early target identification to the clinic, resulting in better treatment outcomes.

  • Synergistic collaborations with top academic institutions and world-class clinicians
  • Deep understanding of disease biology and unique single-cell profiling technologies to advance drug discovery and development efforts
  • Innovative interface combining biological/clinical science and single-cell technologies
  • Ability to dissect disease heterogeneity through single-cell profiling
  • Broad access to patient samples worldwide with a variety of indications

Data Intelligence Matching Therapies to Patients

Fueled by data from our single-cell technologies, we are unleashing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning for better target and biomarker discovery.

  • Deep phenotypic characterization of different immune cell types are paired with functional readouts
  • Sophisticated algorithms exploit the rich structure of single-cell data
  • In silico analytical capabilities guide fast-paced engineering and results in activity optimized drug designs
  • Results in therapeutics are precisely tailored to benefit patients

Drug Intelligent Science (DIS™) - Transforming Drug Discovery and Development through Single-Cell Analytics

We are transforming Drug discovery and development by combining Data Intelligence with Single-Cell Science to achieve optimal outcomes for target discovery, drug candidate identification, lead optimization, and patient selection.

Single-Cell Technology

Our technology addresses a series of unmet needs and bottlenecks at the single-cell level through innovative solutions that allow broad immune cell profiling, functional screening, and deep sequence-based phenotypic characterization. We apply our droplet-based microfluidic technology with other cutting-edge single-cell methods for a variety of drug discovery and drug development applications.

  • Fit-for-purpose technology
  • Millions of cells can be analyzed per experiment with 5000+ droplets per second
  • Agnostic with respect to species and source of cells
  • Deep immune repertoire mining
  • Flexible in-droplet assay types; Ability to profile secreted products
  • Barcoded single-cell sequencing maintains native antibody or TCR pairing
  • Proven ultra-high throughput antibody selection for challenging targets such as multi-transmembrane proteins
  • Rapid turnaround time from screening to sequence

Biomarker Enabling Strategy

Pioneering novel biomarker identification increases probability of success in clinical trials, matching therapies to patients

  • Dissect heterogeneity of diseases using patient samples by combining genotype and phenotype
  • Sophisticated algorithms exploit rich data structure to precisely position drugs to maximize patient benefit
  • Synergistic collaborations with top academic institutions and world-class clinicians

Scientific Publications and Posters

We continue to validate, strengthen and leverage our single-cell platform with world leaders and pioneers in immunology and cancer research. Our high scientific standards have been validated in numerous peer-reviewed publications and conference presentations.

High-throughput single-cell activity-based screening and sequencing of antibodies using droplet microfluidics

Mining the antibody repertoire of plasma cells and plasmablasts could enable the discovery of useful antibodies for therapeutic or research purposes.

HiFiBiO Therapeutics and Leading Academic Institutions Demonstrate Breakthrough Single-Cell Approach for Novel Biomarker Discovery to Combat Cancer

The Nature Genetics publication describes a novel high-throughput single-cell ChIP-seq approach to studying heterogeneity of chromatin states within complex biological systems. Our proprietary single-cell CelliGO platform and unique DIS capabilities were used to probe why certain disease cells are resistant to available therapeutics.

Shared Insights About Guiding Principles of Open Collaboration in Drug Discovery Today From HiFiBiO CEO Liang Schweizer and COO Jeff He

Guiding principles of value creation through collaborative innovation in pharmaceutical research HiFiBiO CEO Liang Schweizer and COO Jeff He outline the importance of breaking down common barriers in collaborations, propose four guiding principles for such co-operation and offer a framework to reach value inflection points quicker.

Single-Cell Deep Phenotyping of lgG-Secreting Cells for High-Resolution Immune Monitoring

The Nature Biotechnology manuscript details DropMap, “a powerful and elegant technology for the phenotypic analysis of antibody-secreting cells (ASCs) at the single-cell level with unprecedented throughput and resolution.” This droplet microfluidics approach was developed with collaborators from ESPCI and Institut Pasteur.