HiFiBiO High Fidelity Biology

Revolutionizing the discovery and development of next-generation drugs, diagnostics and biomarkers

HiFiBiO SAS provides high throughput solutions based on proprietary single cell technologies for informed and efficient discovery and development of next-generation biomarkers, diagnostics and drugs.

About HiFiBiO

HiFiBiO SAS commercializes proprietary single cell technologies for applications in drug and biomarker discovery and development. Our scientific founders have deep, world-leading expertise in microfluidics, epigenetics, next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics that supports our broad, proprietary portfolio of technologies and know-how. Our seasoned executive team has a strong track record of success in building high value life science companies based on university-licensed technologies. The company has operations in Paris (France) and Boston (USA).


Droplet microfluidic systems are capable of performing a variety of programmable and reconfigurable "digital fluidic" operations (>1,000 per second) in highly reproducible nano- to femtoliter droplets. Each droplet functions similar to the well of a microtitre plate but with a volume one thousand to one million-fold smaller, enabling the high throughput analysis of single, isolated cells.


HiFiBiO welcomes opportunities for partnering. We take a flexible approach to customize our capabilities and applications to structure relationships closely aligned with the needs and objectives of our partners.

For more information on partnering, please contact info [at] hifibio.com.