The DIS® Difference

Our DIS® driven approach generates profound insights into disease biology to advance groundbreaking immunomodulatory therapies. We apply DIS® across all stages of drug discovery and development to achieve higher success rates with shorter timelines.



Comprehensive data from imaging, sequencing, PK/PD analysis, and patient history is collected and analyzed to generate data-driven predictive biomarker hypotheses. This analysis generates insights for identifying predictive biomarkers to prospectively select patients for enhanced clinical response.



Extensive ex-vivo and computational analysis of patient samples is performed to gain insights into disease biology for guiding indication selection and enabling more effective and efficient clinical trials.



Target Discovery: Experimental and computational analysis of patient samples and data is used to identify relevant targets involved in diseases with high medical need. DIS® provides a cellular level high-resolution view for the identification of targets associated exclusively with disease.


Antibody Discovery: Our DIS® driven antibody discovery platform allows for the screening of millions of species agnostic B cells within hours (CelliGo™) and is powered by bioinformatics software (AbSolution™) for data analysis of single B cells. Our machine learning model guides antibody binding prediction and affinity maturation to enhance our level of efficiency with better outcomes. As a result, we have built an industry leading antibody discovery platform with an exceptional success rate and reduced timelines.