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HiFiBiO to present platform at next-generation antibodies conference

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Paris, France, 12 June 2015—HiFiBiO will present its novel, integrated platform for the discovery of differentiated therapeutic antibodies at the Next Generation Antibodies and Protein Analysis Conference: Tools and Technologies, on 15 June 2015, in Ghent, Belgium.

In a presentation, “Deep Mining of Immune Repertoires”, HiFiBiO’s Chief Scientific Officer, Allan Jensen, PhD, will describe the company’s state-of-the-art technologies and integrated workflow for rapidly generating functionally active antibodies against complex targets. The platform uses droplet microfluidics, to achieve high throughput, single cell, function-based screening of entire antibody-secreting B cell populations. Single-cell-specific barcoding and next-generation sequencing, are used to generate paired V-gene sequences from the sorted B-cells. The resulting target specific V-gene repertoires can then be efficiently and rapidly converted to antibodies to accelerate the process of drug candidate selection.