HiFiBiO Therapeutics Collaborates with Institut Gustave Roussy and France 2030 Initiative to Pioneer Personalized Immunotherapies

Paris, France, and Cambridge, MA, December 11, 2023 HiFiBiO Therapeutics, a leading clinical stage global biotech company dedicated to advancing patient outcomes through single-cell precision, proudly announces its strategic collaboration with clinical institutions and life science companies in the formation of a groundbreaking consortium under the France 2030 Initiative. This visionary project, named REMISSION (Rapid Evaluation of Molecular & Immune Status for Stratified Immunotherapies in Oncology), is spearheaded by Institut Gustave Roussy (IGR) and aims to revolutionize cancer treatment by offering immunotherapies based on immune profiling rather than traditional tumor histology.


As a pivotal contributor to this initiative, HiFiBiO Therapeutics will facilitate access to its three clinical stage immune-oncology programs (TNFR2, OX40 and BTLA) for patients selected under REMISSION. Additionally, the company will apply its proprietary single-cell and artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) driven translational platform, Drug Intelligence Science (DIS®), to optimize treatment options for cancer patients.


Dr. Liang Schweizer, Founder, Chairperson, and CEO of HiFiBiO Therapeutics, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating “We look forward to contributing our drug development expertise and leveraging our unique capabilities in single-cell immune profiling to this innovative consortium, aiming to transform the R&D paradigm.”


Professor Aurélien Marabelle, MD, PhD, coordinator of the REMISSION program at IGR, echoed this sentiment, commenting “This is an impactful initiative that brings together academia and industry leaders to deliver better outcomes for patients through cutting-edge science and technology.”


Sami Ellouze, PhD, France Managing Director of HiFiBiO Therapeutics, highlighted the potential of the DIS® platform, “REMISSION provides another exciting opportunity for us to apply our innovative DIS® platform to gain unique insights from patients, uncovering novel predictive biomarkers and targets.”


About HiFiBiO Therapeutics

HiFiBiO Therapeutics is a clinical-stage global biotech driving a robust clinical pipeline of transformative immunotherapies targeting cancer and autoimmune diseases.  HiFiBiO achieves an unprecedented understanding of immune modulation in human diseases by pioneering a unique high-resolution translational platform, Drug Intelligence Science (DIS®), which combines unique single-cell capabilities with AI/ML approaches.  Using patient samples, DIS® enables the discovery of novel targets, effective antibody drugs, and predictive biomarkers to enhance the probability of success for immunotherapies. Moreover, HiFiBiO has established partnerships with major multinational pharmaceutical and biotech companies and has been recognized as one of the 2023 Fierce 15 biotech companies. For additional information, please visit


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