HiFiBiO Therapeutics CEO Liang Schweizer Named one of the World’s Top Female Founders

Dr. Schweizer continues to be recognized for long-term vision, open-innovation strategy, commitment to diversity, and ability to secure more than $100 million in financing

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – October 27, 2020 – HiFiBiO Therapeutics, a multinational biotherapeutics company with unique expertise in immune modulation and single-cell science, today announced its President and CEO Liang Schweizer, PhD, was recognized as a top female founder by The listing showcases an analysis of the top female founders and co-founders in each country who have consistently delivered higher value, run their business in a socially responsible way, and are better positioned for long-term success compared to their male counterparts.

Dr. Schweizer was selected as the top female founder in France for her ability to secure more than $100 million in financing. HiFiBiO’s corporate footprint originated in France, where the innovative single-cell platform was established for antibody discovery. After co-founding the company, Dr. Schweizer has since built a diverse, multinational team of pioneering scientists and business professionals who are executing an open-innovation strategy to deliver high-quality biotherapeutics to patients. More than half of HiFiBiO’s employees around the world are women. Furthermore, the company’s single-cell technology applications have now expanded to include all aspects of drug discovery and development, ranging from target identification to predictive biomarkers for patient stratification.

“I’m honored to be included among this extraordinary list of highly-accomplished female entrepreneurs around the world,” said Dr. Schweizer. “For far too long, women business leaders have faced a constant barrage of prejudiced attitudes and have been forced to continuously prove their value compared to their male counterparts. The women included on this list are shifting the paradigm for the next generation by not only securing large financing deals but also delivering higher profits and running their businesses in a socially responsible way.”

Dr. Schweizer was also recently recognized with an Extraordinary Women Advancing Healthcare Award by The Commonwealth Institute for her impact in advancing healthcare innovation, inspiration in leading others, and commitment to fostering diversity. Under her leadership, HiFiBiO has rapidly advanced a SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibody from discovery to the successful completion of the first cohort of the Phase I study (NCT04590430) in only eight months. This study is a major milestone for the company as it works toward addressing the COVID-19 pandemic around the world. selected female founders who have been a founder or co-founder of at least one company in a given country or state of the US listed in Crunchbase. For each country, women founders were selected based on the amount of funding raised. The final dataset collected in June 2020 contained 107 female founders and co-founders across 102 countries in the world.


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