HiFiBiO Therapeutics Announces Three Presentations at 2022 American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting

CAMBRIDGE, MA – April 4th, 2022 – HiFiBiO Therapeutics, a multinational clinical-stage biotherapeutics company, announced today that three posters featuring two pipeline programs (HFB200603 and HFB101110) and our Drug Intelligent Science (DIS®) driven predictive biomarker approach will be presented at AACR 2022, which will be held April 8-13, 2022, in New Orleans, LA.

“We are excited to share with the oncology research community at AACR updates for two of our preclinical development programs – HFB200603, a novel anti-BTLA blocking antibody on track for IND submission, and HFB101110, an anti-CCR8 depleting antibody that was recently licensed to FibroGen. We will also present work using our DIS® approach to discover predictive biomarkers of response for our clinical programs HFB200301, a first in class TNFR2 agonist and HFB301001, a differentiated second generation OX40 agonist for the treatment of advanced DIS® selected solid tumors,” said Francisco Adrian, Chief Scientific Officer of HiFiBiO Therapeutics. “HiFiBiO’s innovative DIS® approach leveraging single cell capabilities is positioned to transform the drug discovery and development paradigm by integrating deep understanding of immune-modulation with a world-leading single cell platform and machine learning-enabled data analysis.”

Details on the posters are as follows:

Title: HFB200603, a novel anti-BTLA monoclonal antibody that provides therapeutic potential for immune escape and synergizes with anti-PD-1 treatment
Permanent Abstract Number: 4248
Session: Therapeutic Antibodies 3
Session Date and Time: Wednesday, April 13, 2022; 9:00 am – 12:30 pm
Venue: New Orleans Convention Center, Exhibit Halls D-H, Poster Section 39

Title: Targeting regulatory T cells with HFB101110, a novel anti-human CCR8 antibody for the treatment of solid tumors
Permanent Abstract Number: 2899
Session: Therapeutic Antibodies 2
Session Date and Time: Tuesday, April 12, 2022; 9:00 am – 12:30 pm
Venue: New Orleans Convention Center, Exhibit Halls D-H, Poster Section 38


Title: Discovery of predictive biomarkers of response to T cell-targeting biologics using ex vivo single-cell profiling coupled with TCR clonotype characterization
Permanent Abstract Number: 618
Session: Immune Response to Therapies 2 / Immune Monitoring and Clinical Correlates
Session Date and Time: Sunday, April 10, 2022, 1:30 – 5pm
Venue: New Orleans Convention Center, Exhibit Halls D-H, Poster Section 39


About HiFiBiO Therapeutics

HiFiBiO Therapeutics is a clinical stage biotech company advancing a robust pipeline targeting both the innate and adaptive immunity to treat cancer and autoimmune disease. Our proprietary and versatile DIS® single-cell platform enables the rapid discovery of novel antibody therapeutics with predictive biomarkers through our internal development programs and strategic collaborations. Our passionate team across three continents embraces a fast-paced and engaging work environment to bring transformative medicines to patients. www.hifibio.com

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