HFB9-2, a novel Galectin 9 neutralizing antibody for the treatment of AML and other cancers

Presenters: Germain Margall, Muriel David, Julie Prigent, Dean Lee, Wenhua Xu, Joyce Pi, Xing Cai, Tengfei Wang, Ouyang Li, He Zhou, Andreas Raue, Nicola Beltraminelli, Mingjie Chen, Jia Wu, Mingfang Feng, Angelo Paci, Julia Delahousse, Véronique Saada, Stéphane de Botton, Pierre Busson, Stephanie Beq, Francisco Adrian, Liang Schweizer, Yun-Yueh Lu

HFB2009 program focuses on developing anti-Gal-9 neutralizing antibodies as a potential first-in-class treatment for AML and solid tumors, both as a single agent and a combination therapy.

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