Going Global: Insights on the Advantages of Biotech Globalization Published in Drug Discovery Today from HiFiBiO Therapeutics

Global vs. Local: The Future of Biotech

CAMBRIDGE, MA., – March 6, 2023 – HiFiBiO Therapeutics CEO Liang Schweizer and Senior Director Vincent Tse share their thoughts on the advantages of early globalization for biotech startups and provide an operational framework for maximizing the probability of success and societal impact.

“In light of the ongoing challenges the industry is facing such as resource constraints, the need for increased innovation, and talent diversity, we wanted to share some of the unique advantages global biotechs such as HiFiBiO Therapeutics have been able to capture,” shared Liang Schweizer, Ph.D. “If executed effectively, the born-global model can be a robust and advantageous strategy for long-term success.”

“Of course, there are also challenges of pursuing a global strategy as a startup –such as complying with international regulations and harmonizing differences in business practices and cultures,” added Vincent Tse, MBA. “At HiFiBiO Therapeutics, the local grants and subsidies we receive combined with our globally shared SOAR corporate culture have helped us overcome some of these challenges.”


Biotech start-ups often begin as domestic companies relying on local resources and talent, but this approach might not be effective in achieving rapid growth and long-term success, particularly for developing new therapeutics that require significant resources and extensive commitment. Here, we argue that born-global biotechs are better equipped to tackle major industry challenges, such as innovation, resource constraints, and limited talent diversity, especially in current challenging times. We also highlight the importance of capital efficiency in maximizing the benefits of being a born-global biotech, and provide an operational framework, based on the FlyWheel concept, for becoming a successful born-global biotech.


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