Shared Insights About Guiding Principles of Open Collaboration in Drug Discovery Today From HiFiBiO CEO Liang Schweizer

Guiding principles of value creation through collaborative innovation in pharmaceutical research

HiFiBiO CEO Liang Schweizer outlines the importance of breaking down common barriers in collaborations, propose four guiding principles for such co-operation and offer a framework to reach value inflection points quicker.

Open innovation has become the main trend in pharmaceutical research. Potential obstacles and pitfalls of collaborations often lead to missed opportunities and/or poorly executed partnerships. This paper aims to provide a framework that facilitates the execution of successful collaborations. We start by mapping out three checkpoints onto early-stage collaborative partnerships: inception, ignition and implementation. Different value types and value drivers are then laid out for each phase of the partnership. We proceed to propose a ratio-driven approach and a value-adjustment mechanism, enhancing the probability of successes in pharmaceutical research collaborations. These guiding principles combined should help the partners either reach agreement more quickly or move on to the next potential project.