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Scientific Publications and Posters

We continue to validate, strengthen and leverage our single-cell platform with world leaders and pioneers in immunology and cancer research. Our high scientific standards have been validated in numerous peer-reviewed publications and conference presentations.

Single-Cell Deep Phenotyping of lgG-Secreting Cells for High-Resolution Immune Monitoring

The Nature Biotechnology manuscript details DropMap, “a powerful and elegant technology for the phenotypic analysis of antibody-secreting cells (ASCs) at the single-cell level with unprecedented throughput and resolution.” This droplet microfluidics approach was developed with collaborators from ESPCI and Institut Pasteur.

Antibody Discovery by Deep Mining of Immune Repertoires

Antibody Discovery by Deep Mining of Immune Repertoires: A demonstration of the HiFiBiO CelliGO™ Platform versatility and robustness with Tetanus Toxoid antigen as a case study