Nicola Beltraminelli, PhD

Head of Drug Sciences, Vice President


Nicola Beltraminelli is the Vice President of Drug Sciences at HiFiBiO Therapeutics. He is an accomplished biochemist with more than 20 years of industrial experience.

Nicola is leading the global efforts of antibody drug related activities, including reagent generation, immunization, antibody engineering, lead optimization, and characterization, as well as developability assessment and CMC efforts. Prior to joining HiFiBiO Therapeutics, he led a Process Development team at Dictagene, Apoxis and Vivalis for the manufacture of complex biologics from mg scale productions to pilot scale. He successfully transferred the process and methods to a CMO for the generation of Phase I material. Dr. Beltraminelli has strong experience in stable cell line generation, productivity optimization, analytical methods set up and industrialization, process development, scale-up, product characterization methods, product pre-formulation and formulation studies, stability testing, and all the steps needed for the successful manufacture of GMP grade material. In 2010, Dr. Beltraminelli led a more than 20-person team at Vivalis for the discovery and early-stage development of antibodies from humans and other species against a wide range of proprietary targets and managed the R&D facility in Lyon. He actively contributed to the optimization of the antibody discovery platform and in 2015 was appointed as Chief Scientific Officer at BliNK Biomedical SAS.

Dr. Beltraminelli received his PhD in molecular and cellular biology at the Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research (ISREC).